Hunters Valley Association



The Hunters Valley Association (HVA) is the civic association of the area located in Fairfax County along Hunters Mill Road from Lawyers Road on the north to Vale Road on the south and west to Difficult Run. It is a non-profit Virginia Corporation, chartered in 1955, and as such is the sole legal entity that is responsible for the land and property it owns and leases. It represents its members in such civic affairs as county planning and zoning, the provision of parks, and the conservation of natural resources which will enhance the attractiveness of Hunters Valley as a unique residential area. HVA has carried on an extensive program of recreational and social activities for over 40 years. The Association’s social activities include a Christmas party, a summer pot luck barbecue, and a Halloween family gathering.

Horses have always been an integral part of the neighborhood and the Hunters Valley Riding Club (HVRC) - a part of the HVA - has a year-round program of riding activities.

Many individuals who are not riders join HVRC to show their support of the unique characteristics of this neighborhood. The HVRC maintains the miles of trails for hiking and riding which were set aside for use by residents when the Hunters Valley subdivision was developed by the Wickens family in the 1940s. Together with trails on neighboring lands made available to the Club, there is an excellent network of trails. Among its many activities, the HVRC organizes local trail rides, family fun days, and sponsors a Breakfast Ride to the Fairfax Hunt. The horse shows and mini-events they used to put on, however, have become but wonderful memories with the sale of the Wickens property on the corner of Wickens and Hunter Mill Road.

In 1995, Thornton and Mary Elizabeth Burnet, neighbors for over forty years, generously gave HVA/HVRC an easement on almost 2 acres of their land along Difficult Run for an all-purpose riding ring. This area is just across from the Fairfax County Park Authority’s newly designated Gabrielson Gardens. HVA/HVRC also has a full-size dressage ring on Hunters Valley Road.

There are two classes of membership in the HVA, resident, and non-resident. Any individual or family residing or owning land in Hunters Valley proper is eligible to become a resident member. “Hunters Valley proper” is the subdivision comprising some 600 acres in the Hunter Mill Road – Difficult Run area formerly owned by the Wickens family in the general area described above. It includes, in addition to the original subdivision along Hunters Valley and Leeds Roads, the residences on East Hunters Valley Road, Wickens and Vickers Roads, the roads in Hunters Valley North, East Hunters Valley Road, and the newest addition, Aryness Drive.

The HVA is governed by a Board of Directors and officers elected annually by the members. The directors are residents of Hunters Valley. The Association’s modest dues have traditionally been used to send notices of meetings and recreational and social events, to prepare directories, and to carry out the Association’s business affairs. Dues are collected from members of the two clubs at the beginning of each year, with the HVA dues included in the HVRC dues. HVRC membership includes both residents and those who do not live in Hunters Valley proper. The non-resident members of HVRC may participate fully in its activities but are restricted from voting at HVA meetings.

The effectiveness of the Association and the success of its programs depends on the active participation of all of its members. It continues to be involved in civic affairs in the area while at the same time providing recreational facilities and activities which we have all enjoyed.