Code of Conduct


  • All members must complete a membership application, sign a waiver, and pay membership dues (January through December) to be a member in good standing. Annual membership must be paid prior to February 15th. New members joining after September 1 will be charged one-half the annual dues.
  • Guests, whether riders or instructors, of HVRC members, may use the facilities, either riding or instructing, only when accompanied by a member in good standing and after signing a Waiver of Liability.
  • Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests sign the waiver and comply with HVRC rules and guidelines. Members abusing the guest privilege, by frequently sponsoring the same guests (who should become members in their own right), may have their HVRC membership terminated.
  • Dues do not cover the cost of labor to maintain the HVRC facilities. All members are expected to help with trail clearing, jump-pole painting, etc. when called on to do so. This also applies to parents of children who are members.


  • Riders must wear hard hats at all times in the HVRC rings and are encouraged to wear them when trail riding.
  • The hats should be approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (currently ASTM F1446-00/F1163-00) or equivalent, and secured by a chin strap.
  • Riders are encouraged to replace their hats every 3 years.
  • Riders are encouraged to wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight if riding in poor light conditions.


  • When arriving at the ring and others are already riding, wait for an appropriate moment, make your arrival known and agree how you will use the ring, with the safety of everyone the prime consideration.
  • When riding, keep your eyes up, especially when others are sharing the ring, and be aware of what is going on around you.
  • When passing in opposite directions, pass left shoulder to left shoulder.
  • When passing a slower horse, the overtaking rider should warn the other rider and avoid passing too close.
  • Riders of slower horses should:
    1. Stay to the outside of the track in the jumping ring.
    2. Stay to the inside of the track in the dressage ring.
  • When jumping, in either ring:
    1. When others are present, always call out the obstacles you intend to jump
    2. When setting up jumps, always leave an outside track available; do not put the jumps at the outside of the ring.
  • Before leaving the ring:
    1. Restore any jumps that you have knocked down
    2. Place trot poles and cavaletti outside the working area of the arena. Where fence hooks are provided for the poles, they should be used. Panel fillers must be leaned up against the fence when not in use. In the dressage ring, all jumping equipment must be placed outside the working area; the ring must be left clear.
    3. Horses are not to be left unsecured/unattended in either ring.
    4. At the dressage ring, place the movable chairs in the gazebo before you leave.


  • Please show respect for both riders and animals by refraining from rude behavior or objectionable language. Members should not make gratuitous negative comments about other riders or animals.
  • Please be courteous to hikers or slow-moving animals in all parts of Hunters Valley and on the trails. Pass at a walk or slow trot and be careful not to excite other horses or alarm their riders.
  • Most of the trails in the HVRC area are either easements or access to them is granted by special permission. Please respect the rights of the property owners and be courteous to all you meet.
  • Please respect all wildflowers, trees, shrubs, jumps, fences, etc., and do as much as possible to protect the environment and prevent erosion.
  • Members are not to ride motorcycles or other powered vehicles on the trails maintained and administered by HVRC.
  • Fairfax County leash laws apply to all HVRC riding areas.